Our bodies are the foundation of everything we do. 
When we take care of them, they will take care of us!

Our Story

"Moments after I received my very first massage, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and felt as if I could conquer ANYTHING! I enrolled myself in school for Massage Therapy and shortly thereafter was learning how to help people the same way!

I have actively been studying and practicing Massage Therapy since January of 2009.  I received my Associate of Science in Medical Massage Therapy at Hands-On Medical Massage in Redlands, California.  HoMM focused on evidence-based massage and explored many methods of healing pain and achy muscles.  One method, Geometric Release, was developed by a Physical Therapist whose knowledge and passion led her to challenging others to look at the muscles like a map which lead to the root of each problem.  I was not only fascinated by the process, I was grateful to find issues that were helping others to walk and live pain free!"

Dina Haffner LMT, Owner, Kinetric Wellness

License# 18KT01324600


Our Mission

At Kinetric Wellness, we know every body is different, but more importantly, every body responds differently to every treatment. Because our therapists are trained in a multitude of modalities, we take a whole-brained approach to treating your pain and focusing on your recovery.  Posture, stance, and even the way a person walks indicates a different formula for treatment. We provide a customized course of treatment for you so that you are able to live better!



We're so different, we had to make up a word to best explain who we are! 

KINesiology (the study of movement in the muscles) 

+ geomETRIC (the geometric shapes of which we look at how each muscle is effected by the another)