Kigh CBD Clears the Air and Confusion About the Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

When a product starts to get “trendy” it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon without all the facts. That might be fine when it comes to kale or bunches of celery but what about cannabidiol?

What about what?

Exactly. While you may take some comfort knowing we’re just talking about CBD, you may be surprised at what you don’t know about this increasingly popular product. Here at Kinetric Wellness, evidence and research backup every inch of our practice, so there was no room for mystery when planning to add a CBD topical product to our arsenal. Luckily, CBD Expert and owner of Kigh CBD, Nicole Neukum was happy to share her knowledge with us. Here’s how they approach their CBD products and some of our big takeaways from our discussion.


It All Started With a Dog

Two years ago, Nicole’s German Shepherd, Kaia was in pain and even after medication she wasn’t getting any better. After some research, the family turned to CBD to treat what turned out to be a torn ACL and she took a turn for the better. The vet said her recovery rivaled any she might have had on more medication. A month later, Nicole’s stepdad found himself in pain as well and needed knee surgery. Kaia’s progress was so impressive that he decided to try CBD for his own recovery. Between taking the oils directly and a new CBD balm the family had started developing, he was ready to help them with an event the very next day. This was enough for Nicole and her family to feel that they really had something worth sharing with people. After an abundance of research and testing, they now have a line of products they stand by and their customers swear by. Here are some of the standards that we learned to look for from Kigh CBD and are good things to keep in mind when investing in any CBD product.

[Kaia loves ice cream and CBD oil]

[Kaia loves ice cream and CBD oil]


Transparency & Research -

The newness of CBD to the market and the changing regulations surrounding it means that it’s important for companies to be as transparent as possible with their customers about processes involved in their products. Even before it’s an oil, there are things to consider about how the plant is treated. The company Kigh CBD works with uses a method called “Critical CO2 Extraction” to separate the CBD compound and other elements from the plant. This is actually the same method we use to make decaffeinated coffee; pressure and temperature are applied to remove the caffeine from coffee beans. The best part about this is that there are no chemicals used! However, just because your company uses CO2 Extraction doesn’t mean that they don’t also use other solvents, so be sure to check. Once those chemicals are on the plant, they can’t be removed.

If you want to know what’s going on inside your specific bottle of CBD oil, your company should be able to provide you with a batch number. This number is connected to a third-party tested lab report containing specific information about the batch your CBD oil came from. Not every batch of CBD is the same, for example, one could have a higher level of THC than the other. Ideally, your CBD company should be willing to share this information with you, but they are not required to.


Look at the Label

Before grabbing whatever CBD oil is closest to you, it’s a good idea to give the label a quick once over.

There are a variety of carrier oils that can be used to administer the CBD, so it’s a good idea to check for allergens for any of these mediums. Kigh CBD uses MCT oil (refined coconut oil) which allows for better absorption in the body. Hemp is another popular carrier oil. While they both come from the cannabis plant, it should be noted that hemp seed oil and CBD oil are not the same. They are derived from two different parts of the plant and have different properties and uses. This is why it's important to look at the label as your results may not be what you hoped. For example, while it may be convenient, Amazon is legally not allowed to sell any THC or CBD products. In all likelihood, you’re getting hemp. It’s not bad for you, it’s just not CBD.


It may also be worth considering your employment when reading your product label. Many CBD products are full-spectrum, that is to say, they contain all naturally occurring compounds of the cannabis plant, including a minimal amount of THC (the psychoactive chemical compound in marijuana). While this amount is under .3% and usually not enough to register on a drug test, if you work in a profession where this would be a concern, there are other alternatives. A CBD Isolate product, like Kigh CBD’s capsules, contain no other cannabinoids (like THC) or plant materials (like terpenes). You still get the benefits of the oil, you just have a little less control over your dosage and absorption may take a little longer than taking it directly.

Application & Dosage -

First things first, you cannot overdose on CBD. You could probably take all of Kigh CBDs products and the worst-case scenario is, you’ll need a good nap. Your dosage is loosely based on weight, but it can vary depending on what your needs are as does the type of application. If you’re feeling a more chronic pain or more emotional symptoms, like anxiety, the oils may be better for you. If your pain is more localized, a balm you can put directly on the area causing you pain may be a good fit. Finally, if you are looking for something fast-acting, you may want to look into vaping CBD. The bioavailability, or the rate of absorption in the body, is faster through vaping, about 2 minutes compared to 30 minutes taken orally.

In any application, you may want to give your body 3-5 days of steady adjustment.


As for your pets, you can actually give them the same CBD you have as long as you’re not using a flavor, like strawberry, which can make them sick. You may want to get them their own bottle though as the best way to administer the product is directly on the tongue. If your pet is being a little uncooperative, try putting the CBD oil on a treat. Just like in humans they can’t overdose and a steady application over time shows the best results.

CBD helps brings your body into balance, so if you’re on medication that is already trying to regulate your body (like a thyroid medication or antidepressant) it may be good to check with a doctor first. Nicole said it best, “I will never say ‘If you have [this illness] buy my product.’ If you feel like it’s not right for you, don’t do it.”


Thank you to Kigh CBD for hanging out with us and educating us on the benefits of CBD.

You can find out more about their products on their website [], read their blog: Kigh Times ( and follow them on Instagram at @kighcbd ( Want to experience their CBD Relief Balm first hand? Kinetric Wellness can help with that! Click here to make an appointment and take your massage to the next level.