Self Care Mini Retreat (SOLD OUT)
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Self Care Mini Retreat (SOLD OUT)

Reconnect, Relax, and Rejuvenate. Dedicate a morning to focus on your self care. Start your day off nourishing your mind, body and soul. Immerse yourself in the beautiful three acres of lush greenery as you learn about wellness, yoga, healing, meditation, sound therapy, and aromatherapy.


Join us at the beautiful Yoga Barn NJ located in Farmingdale NJ. This one of a kind yoga studio that will help you feed your soul. We invite you to join in on a Self-Care Mini Retreat to gift yourself some much needed ‘ME’ time led by local experts in the wellness world.Your time for yourself is long overdue. Join our like-minded community to gift yourself what will truly make your heart and soul happy – self-care!

Our wellness leaders include:

Jennifer Hansen- certified yoga teacher of Mettamade Yoga Events

Melanie Kramer- certified yoga teacher of The Yoga Barn NJ

Dina Haffner- certified massage therapist of Kinetric Wellness

Carly Surmonte, M.A. Holistic Health - Reiki Master of Car Chet Healing

Dana Garced- meditation mentor of

Jody & Michaeline- herbalist and tarot card readers of Mystical Blossoms

Lauren Gitlen- of LegitOils- (DOTerra Oils)

During our time together, you will have the flexibility to join in on various activities including:

  • Gentle yoga class led by Jennifer of Mettamade and Melanie of The Yoga Barn NJ...ending with a crystal bowl sound bath savasana by Mystical Blossoms

  • Guided meditation and powerful visualizations by meditation mentor, Dana Garced. She will also be offering mini-sessions on the healing amethyst biomat.

  • Aromatherapy workshops to awaken the senses by Lauren Gitlin of Legit Oils

  • Dina Haffner of Kinetric Wellness will be leading self stretching and movement techniques as well as offering chair massages by the pool.

  • Learning about energy healing and recieve a mini-reiki session by Carly of Carchet Healing

  • Relax by the pool or go for a swim.

  • Nourish yourself with a curated lunch made by Lorraine Kearney Nutrition and Chef’s Prep.

  • Get your instagramworthy yoga pose photo taken by Halle Freedman Photography 

  • Sip on some soothing tea from Mystical Blossoms.

  • Get your tarot card reading my Jody of Mystical Blossoms

Sit in silence, move your body.. Take this time to deliberately reconnect with yourSELF while you pamper your mind, body, and soul.


10:00-10:30- Welcome- Meet & Greet

10:30-11:00 Guided Meditation by Dana Garced

11:15-12:15- Slow Flow Vinyasa led by Melanie Kramer and Jennifer Hansen 

12:15-12:25- Sound Bath Savasana by Mysitcal Blossoms.

12:30-1:00- Lunch

1:00-1:50 choose to attend:

Aromatherapy Workshop with Lauren of Legit Oils

Chair Massages by Kinetric Wellness

Reiki by Carly of Carchet Healing

Get your tarot reading by Mystical Blossoms

Visit Dana's Biomat to recharge and renew 

Feed the rescue farm animals fo the Yoga Barn NJ

Relax by the pool.

1:50-2:00pm Raffle and Sound Bowls Send Off


Must Pre-Register. Space is limited. (Carpool if you can.)


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